Tools and Resources for Assessing Social Impact


Political Return on Investment (PROI)

PROI is a tool that attempts to quantify and measure an organizationís political return on investments. This tool can be used for vetting and assessing an organizationís impact before a contribution, or for assessing its impact after a donation. This tool assesses six sectors: advocacy, electoral, idea generation, infrastructure, leadership and media. Organizations complete a questionnaire that addresses their human and financial resources, quantitative and qualitative outputs and change over time for items such as market penetration, repeat customers, and client (volunteer) satisfaction. SPW then uses its analytical model to calculate a PROI core score (organization capacity) and a sector scale for each organization. The indicators were co-developed and agreed upon by both organizations and donors. *PROI's former sponsor, New Progressive Coalition, is no longer in operation. PROI is now property of Skyline Public Works.

Tags: consultant service, scorecard/rating

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