Tools and Resources for Assessing Social Impact


The B Impact Ratings System

The B Impact Ratings System is a dynamic assessment tool measuring a companyís social and environmental impact. It is comprised of two parts: the B Impact Assessment and the B Impact Report. The B Impact Assessment is a free, web-based tool designed to be comprehensive yet simple enough for small and medium sized businesses (<$1 Billion) to complete within 60-90 minutes. It is comprised of 60-200 questions divided into five Impact Areas that provide a holistic view of a companyís business: Leadership, Employees, Consumers, Community, and Environment. Each of these Categories is further sub-divided into Goals, fifteen total. The number of questions and weightings are based upon the size and industry sector of a company. The B Impact Report is the simple, one-page report that a company receives after completing the B Impact Assessment. The B Impact Report is designed to make it easy; 1) for consumers, investors, and institutions to make purpose driven consumption, investment, and purchasing decisions; and 2) for entrepreneurs to manage their companiesí social and environmental performance. Oversight of the B Impact Ratings System is the responsibility of B Labís Standards Advisory Council, an independent committee of nine members, each respected in the field for their wisdom and each with deep industry or stakeholder expertise. The B Impact Ratings System is used to both certify B Corporations and generate GIIRS ratings.

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