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Nurse-Family Partnership Evaluation & Logic Models

NFPs logic models can serve as useful methodologies for maternal and early childhood health programs with a home visit component. NFP has conducted extensive research through randomized control trials with diverse populations in order to develop these logic models. They outline maternal and child activities, and short-term, intermediate, and long-term outcomes that NFP strives to attain, such as pregnant women displaying improved health behaviors, and decreased neurodevelopmental impairment in newborns. NFPs National Service Office works with communities interested in implementing the Nurse-Family Partnership model to ensure the program is right for their needs and that broad-based community support can be established and sustained. NFP Implementing Agencies contract with the National Service Office to provide services at a community level. These agencies are administered by a range of non-profit and for-profit entities, including state and county health departments, community-based health centers, nursing associations, and hospitals, generally through maternal and child health services.

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