Tools and Resources for Assessing Social Impact


Social Investment Risk Assessment (SIRA)

This tool is a questionnaire designed to assess the likelihood that a nonprofit social or human services agency will deliver measurable social value. The information developed with this tool is intended to be a proxy to help those social investors who want to see measurable good result from their allocation of funds to such organizations. The tool identifies three performance domains – tactical data use, strategic data use, and program value – that together define the likelihood of social value of an agency’s work with two indicators for each domain: data integrity indicator and outcomes focus indicator, making essential adjustments indicator and relating staff efforts to outcomes indicator, and capacity to deliver program/services with fidelity indicator and program impact data indicator. This tool was authored by David Hunter, with assistance from Ingvild Bjornvold and Marie Louise Refsgaard.

Tags: scorecard/rating, survey, training

Key Elements
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