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Frequently Asked Questions


Where should I begin?
To get a sense of what is in the TRASI database, you may want to begin by visiting the Browse page. If you are looking for a specific type of item, such as a survey, checklist, consultant service, scorecard, etc., click on one of the tags or enter one or more tag(s) into the keyword search on the Search page.

If you have a specific tool or sponsor you are looking for by name, use the keyword search.

If you are already familiar with the language of social impact assessment and/or are coming from McKinsey's Learning for Social Impact web site, you may want to immediately start using the checkbox search, which can also be found on the Search page.

To connect with others and share your thoughts about social impact assessment, become a member of the Community page.

Where can I find definitions of the terminology in TRASI?
Visit the Terms Defined page or McKinsey's Terms and Definitions page for definitions of the terminology. You can also hover your cursor over the terms in the checkbox search section of the Search page to see definitions as you select criteria for your search.

I'm not getting any results. What should I do?
Try browsing instead. Then, when you find something that interests you, note how it has been classified and use the checkbox search to search by that criteria for other similar tools or resources. You can also try searching by tags or leaving some of the criteria blank in the checkbox search to return more results. When using the keyword search, try simplifying or truncating your keywords (e.g., "sustain" instead of "sustainability").

I'm getting too many results. What should I do?
To narrow your results, try filling out most of the checkbox search criteria. (Be sure to click on More Search Options at the bottom of the Search page to see all the checkboxes.) You can also use the checkbox search in conjunction with the keyword search.

Why am I getting tools for "foundations" when I selected that I am interested in assessing "NGOs/nonprofits" (or another checkbox term)?
Results are inclusive and will display tools and resources that include your criteria as well as other applicable criteria. For example, if you select NGO/nonprofit from the Organization category, the results page will display tools and resources that not only apply to NGOs/nonprofits alone, but also to NGOs/nonprofits and foundations, or NGOs/nonprofits and program clusters. Your chosen criteria will always be included in your results, but expect to see results displayed with other applicable criteria as well.

What does "No cost for limited services" mean?
Some tools and resources are partially free. For example, if you implement them yourself (instead of hiring a consultant), or opt for a basic-level plan or limited usage. These kinds of tools and resources will come up in your results whether you select Yes or No to the Cost category of the checkbox search since they apply to both cases.

How do I suggest a tool for inclusion?
To suggest something for inclusion in the TRASI database, please fill out the form on the Suggest a Tool page.

How often are new tools added to the TRASI database?
TRASI is updated on a regular basis whether by including new tools or retiring old ones. We have a backlog of suggested tools and resources that we are in the process of reviewing and considering for inclusion.

How can I receive notification of additions to the database?
We send out e-mails listing tools and resources that have been added to the TRASI database on a monthly basis. Sign up on the home page to receive our e-mail updates. You can also check the New Approaches Added to TRASI section of the Community page.

Can I download the contents of the TRASI database?
Yes. You can export your search results (descriptions, tool names, and several other fields) into Excel by selecting the checkboxes to the right of the Sector column and clicking on the save/print icon on the results page. If you want to export all the approaches in TRASI, click on Submit at the bottom of the checkbox search while leaving all the checkboxes blank. This will return all the results in the database. Then, select the checkbox just below the print/save icon and click on the save/print icon.

Which experts reviewed the approaches in TRASI?
For a list of the experts involved, visit the Expert Panelists page.
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