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Overall Evaluation Process for Expert Review Panel

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15-Step Process

Outlined by Jill Kickul, PhD, NYU-Stern School of Business

  1. Development of initial process and rubric for assessing approaches
  2. Contact/invite experts for assessment (mix of practitioners and academia)
  3. Finalized experts (based on expertise, knowledge, and availability)
  4. Pre-read of rubric to experts determining overall process, rubric, example of approaches
  5. Meeting during Satter Conference (November 4th, 2009) to give overview of TRASI (beta-stage), recommend suggestions on rubric (during conference and off-line) to edit and finalize rubric
  6. Edit and finalize rubric with McKinsey team and Foundation Center (4-step process, conference calls and emails on outstanding issues)
  7. Determine optimal pair experts - 2 experts assessing 15 approaches
  8. Send process and rubric to experts including sample assessment approach, deadline
  9. Follow-up to expert panel to ensure submission of assessment process and deadline
  10. Periodic check-in of progress and understanding of assessment process
  11. Create database of evaluations
  12. Check for any discrepancies in agreement among pairs of experts
  13. Where appropriate, contact to reconcile any differences between experts
  14. Finalize list of coded approaches
  15. Follow-up on expert ratings, outstanding questions on 4-step evaluation process
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